Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scotts Flat Trail - Proposed Route Map

View Scott's Flat Trail in a larger map

Joe Chavez of the US Forest Service forwarded a map to me to share that shows the final proposed route (see full-sized map). The trail follows a moderate grade as it descends from the Five Mile House to join the existing lakeside trail.

This map is *approximate* and I'll update it as necessary. The route may be subject to change before the final docs are approved. Where the trail crosses NID property, NID requires a trail easement which the Land Trust is working to provide. And of course, funding and volunteers are needed to support construction.

But we should end up with a great local trail. Please consider supporting this endeavor as you can. Jon Pritchett can answer your questions. See my earlier post on this trail.

From everything I hear, last night's fundraiser for the Scott's Flat Trail was a resounding success. Good job everyone! Lots of interest and excitement about this project. Sorry to miss this event, as I was out of town on business.

UPDATE 8/13 - You can view the original USFS map of this trail here. Also, the entire trail measures to be about 4.5 miles from the 5 Mile House to the dam.

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