Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pioneer Reroute

Today, I borrowed my friend's 29er hard tail and rode and out-and-back on Pioneer from Omega Rest Area to Lang's Crossing. It was exciting to see the Pioneer re-route project more or less complete. There are some terrific parts of this re-route. The view over Bear Valley is about as nice a view you'll see from any trail in Nevada County.

Some portions need a winter and some usage (compaction) to settle in. I do wish some certain sections on steeper side slopes saw a fuller bench cut. Regardless, I am very thankful to the many volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen. Very few regions enjoy the kind of cooperation between different user groups that we do. The result of these combined efforts is more trails for everyone.

Please consider joining us for the Unified Trail Day on October 9th:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Unified Trail Day, Saturday 10/9

BONC will once again work in cooperation with the Gold Country Trails Council (GCTC) an Equestrian Trails Group, The Nevada County Woods Riders (NCWR) an Off Road Motor Cycle Group and the the U.S. Forest Service (U.S.F.S) on our area trails.

On Saturday, 10/9, meet at 8:30AM at Chalk Bluff Road and Highway 20.

This year's projects include resigning the trails in the Skillman area, building a new 100 yard section of trail near Skillman Camp ground, as well as other needed maintenance on sections of the Halleluja Trail and nearby areas.

This years lunch will be provided by the Woods Riders (NCWR.) BONC will be responsible for trash collection and cleanup at the end of the day.

This event is a great opportunity to get out and do our part as alongside (70+) members of other user groups with which we share and enjoy our recreational trail system. Such past cooperative efforts have in my own opinion resulted in reduced user conflict and a spirit of comradery that is rarely seen in other areas.

Mountain bikers: please show up in numbers that reflect our interest in the use of these trails.

Wear the usual disguise:
Long sleeved shirt
Long pants
Closed toed shoes, work boots, or hiking boots.
Eye protection
Bug / sun protection
Loppers- if you have them
Folding pruning saw-if you have one.
A folding canvas chair for lunch.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

GCTC Clears the Pioneer Trail

It seems that this year is all about clearing brush. South Yuba, Lang's Xing, Big Boulder, etc. But this is good because even the best trail in the world is no fun to hike or ride if it is overgrown.

The Gold Country Trails Council kept up the good work on 9/18 by clearing back some pointy shrubs on the Pioneer Trail near Omega overlook on Highway 20. Thank you GCTC!

I plan to make the trip out to Hallelujah to trim the nice downhill section with the BONC hedgetrimmers. Wanna join me?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Act Now: Save County Trails Plan!

BONC has learned that a vocal minority has lobbied to make significant, 11th hour changes to the Western Nevada County Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Master Plan. As you may know, the board of supervisors will hold a hearing on this plan tomorrow (Tuesday) 9/21. These changes would undermine the intent and impact of the plan. As trail advocates and users, we need to speak out NOW to preserve the integrity of the plan and all the work the community has put into developing it.

Please do so by submitting the following sample letter or fashion your own. Send it to the following addresses ASAP (again, the meeting is tomorrow). Snail mail is best, but of course time is short. If you want to attend the meeting and speak out, even better:

WHERE: Board Chambers at the Eric Rood Administrative Center
Eric Rood Administrative Center
950 Maidu Avenue
Nevada City, CA 95959


Larkyn Feiler
Advance Planning Division
Nevada County CDA
950 Maidu Avenue, Suite 170
Nevada City, CA 95959
Fax: 530.265.9851

SUBJECT: Conditional Support for Plan Draft September 8, 2010
RE: Western Nevada County Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Master Plan
REQUEST: This letter be entered into public record of this matter

I support (with important exceptions, detailed below) the Western Nevada County Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Master Plan Draft of September 8, 2010. I applaud the effort to create such a plan and believe the county has done sufficient due diligence in soliciting community input for this plan.

The aforementioned exceptions to my support include:

PLAN NOW, IMPLEMENT NEXT - I do not support inserting language into a planning document that seeks to specify, or restrict implementation of this plan. There is adequate process for public input available if and when a specific segment of trail becomes available for dedication to purposes specified in the plan.

TRAILS NEAR ROADS - Users prefer to use trails which are separated from roads and vehicle traffic by a margin sufficient for such users to be comfortable for their safety, and to derive enjoyment while using such trails. Trails are a desirable amenity, even when they are separated from roads by mere scores of feet, and even if the routes are roughly parallel. Thus, I do not support a proposed restriction on developing public trails on private property next to private roads.

PUBLIC USAGE - I do not support language in Western Nevada County Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Master Plan that seeks to discourage use of public easements, whether or not users are completely informed of their legal rights. Specifically, I do not support the placement of signs that attempt to scare lawful public users away from public easements. Thus I specifically oppose this language (or similar language) in the plan: "Public misuse of these easements constitutes trespassing and property-owners will be within their rights to take legal action against trespassers."

TEMPORARY CLOSURE - I do not support inserting language into a planning document that seeks to specify, or restrict implementation of the plan. Any request seeking to declare temporary closure of any public easements is not consistent with Nevada County's responsibility to facilitate the health and welfares of its residents, and to provide for public use of publically-held easements.

SIGNAGE - I do not support proposals for signs that attempt to discourage residents from lawful use of lawfully-permitted public easements, whatever the condition of such easements may be. Thus I oppose any signage similar to: "No Public Access. Resolution No. 10-XXX".

MANAGEMENT - I oppose any proposal similar to: "Public trails shall not be available for public use until land entitlement, funding, a responsible entity, and a trail-specific operations and management plan are established and improvements are made for public safety and enjoyment."

MAPS- I oppose the recommendation made by Agricultural Advisory Commission (AAC) that " Any line depicting a trail (any line on a map) on private land that is not supported by an easement should be removed".

AGRICULTURE - I oppose the assertion by the Agricultural Advisory Commission (AAC) that "The public benefit of agricultural lands supersedes the public benefit of recreational trails on agricultural land"

SUBDIVISIONS - I oppose the assertion by the Agricultural Advisory Commission (AAC) " The dedication of trail easements must be proportionate to the subdivision or proposed discretionary use".

Thank you for your consideration of these views


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lotsa Trail Volunteer Opportunties Coming Up

BONC has a number of trail volunteer opportunities in the coming months. Please mark you calendar for any of these outstanding events:

UNIFIED TRAIL DAY, 10/9 - Work with us, the Gold Country Trails Council, Nevada County Woods Riders and the Forest Service. BONC will cut 100 yards of new singletrack on the Hallelujah Trail near Skillman. Meet at 8:30AM at Chalk Bluff Road and Highway 20.

IMBA TRAIL CARE CREW, 11/6 - On our trailwork part of this weekend event, we will build new singletrack at Kenney Ranch near Twin Cities Church.

SCOTT'S FLAT LAKE, 11/13 - Join BONC and area youth as we improve the lakeside trail. We'll brush back overgrowth, repair a badly eroded section and create drainage where this trail becomes muddy seasonally. Location/time TBD.

ROUND MOUNTAIN, 12/11 - We will install culverts, improve drainage and perhaps flag new sections for this popular trail system. Location/time TBD.

As if this was not enough, BONC will also organize a few more volunteer treks to finish flagging and surveying of the South Yuba Ridge Trail before winter settles in. Stay tuned.

Want to support local trail construction and improvement? Support our efforts by becoming a member today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

IMBA Trail Care Crew Schedule - 11/5-11/7

I am happy to announce the schedule for the upcoming IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to our area on November 5-7, 2010. Please join us! All events are FREE.

The weekend will focus on great rides, great trails and great local bike clubs. To participate in the event, please sign up today.


Friday 11/5

2PM: Group ride, meet at Tour of Nevada City
5PM: BONC club meeting, 175 Joerschke Drive, Suite R, Grass Valley

7PM: Club Care workshop - Focus on building a better bike club. Meet at the Nevada County Land Trust office, 175 Joerschke Drive, Suite R, Grass Valley

Saturday 11/6
9PM - Noon: Trailbuilding School classroom session. Twin Cities Church

Noon - Lunch at Twin Cities Church provided by YBONC ($5)

1PM - 4:00 PM: Trailbuilding School field session. Help us build Kenney Ranch singletrack (adjacent to Twin Cities).

6PM - BBQ/Potluck in Grass Valley. Location and details TBA

Sunday 11/7
10AM: South Yuba group ride, meet at trailhead parking near South Yuba Campground

10AM: Youth group ride, meet at Penn Gate, Empire Mine State Historic Park

Monday, September 13, 2010

RECAP: South Yuba Ridge Trailwork - 9/12

BONC has truly incredible volunteers.

Yesterday, nine of us made the trek to work on the South Yuba Ridge Trail. We finished clearing the bottom section of the existing trail, then went to re-establish the trail route that was obscured by years of growth. The terrain was challenging, the manzanita and deer brush was intensely think at times, but we persisted and prevailed.

This trail has the potential to be amazing. The ingredients are certainly there: gorgeous scenery, good terrain and connectivity. BONC will try to work with the USFS to emphasize desirable trail characteristics, such as wide radius bermed turns, grade changes and more.

Some pictures of our day in the field.

Success so far:
~2.5 miles of completely brushed trail, previously overgrown
~1+ miles of re-flagged trail, partially brushed
~1/4 mile of new trail flagging

What remains:
~3/4 mile of flagging and brushing
~2 miles of minimal brushing and surveying

Want to support our efforts? Make a donation to BONC or become a member today.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Country Trail Plan Hearing - 9/21

Larkyn Feiler passes this along:

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing to reconsider the Western Nevada County Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Master Plan on September 21, 2010 at 1:30 pm in the Board Chambers at the Eric Rood Administrative Center. The following link will take you to our website where you can connect to our DocuShare collection and download the staff report packet:

Fundraiser Ride - Saturday, 9/18, 10 AM

Join BONC, Sierra Express Bicycle Club (SEBC) and KNCO on Saturday, September 18 for a fundraiser ride to benefit the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. This is the perfect low key, social venue for a beginner rider who is interested in trying out mountain biking. We'll ride a relatively flat, non-technical route through the park trail system. KNCO's Mary West & Chuck Whitten will join the ride. SEBC members will offer a couple of road cycling options for those that are interested as well

Meet at Western Gateway Park at 10AM with your bike and helmet (mandatory.) Your $5 donation will get you a great bicycle ride, a KNCO water bottle and lunch catered by Emily's Catering & Cakes. BONC membership forms will be available for those that wish to join our clubs. Tour of Nevada City will be on hand to support riders with flats or minor mechanical issues. Sierra Nevada Hospital will be doing free blood pressure checks as well.

IMPORTANT: Please register on the KNCO website or call 530-477-KNCO and mention 5 mile bike ride. Your must be registered to recieve the catered lunch, as they need to know how many are attending to plan on having enough food available.

All proceeds from the event will benefit Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital's cancer center. Hope you can join us!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

BONC BoD Meeting - 9/12

Please join us for the next BONC BoD meeting at the Nevada County Land Trust office at 175 Joerschke Drive, Suite R, Grass Valley. We discuss important local trail projects and riding opportunities, including the upcoming IMBA Trail Care Crew visit, South Yuba Ridge, new trails for Round Mountain, group rides and more. See you there!

Friday, September 03, 2010

S. Yuba Ridge Trail Work - 9/12

On Sunday, 9/12, BONC will volunteer again on the South Yuba Ridge Trail.

We will focus on brushing work with three power hedgetrimmers and some loppers. This will allow the Tahoe National Forest to re-establish a trail route which is necessary for our grant application to fund professional trail construction.

It is beautiful on this ridge and we will provide quality beer after the work. Please join us by signing up:

Sunday, September 12, 8AM - Meet at the USFS office in Nevada City