Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BONC Gala Ride - Saturday, 10/3

Please join us on the monthly BONC ride on Saturday, October 3rd @ *9AM* (note the start time). We'll ride trails in the Highway 20 corridor, including some lesser known fun sections. Meet near the Harmony Ridge Market on the north side of the highway.

We'll offer various ride options from *advanced to beginner*. The beginner group will be a No-Rider-Left-Behind ride. When we finish, we'll gather to enjoy some complimentary food prepared by BONC. Please bring a bike, helmet, water and mid-ride snacks. If you want to join BONC, we'll have memberships available.

As usual, we could use volunteers for this ride, including ride leaders, food bakers and someone to hang out at our booth during the ride. Let me know if you can help out, thanks.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Round Mtn Trailwork and Ride - Sat, November 7th

Join BONC as we put the finishing touches on a re-route of the Up-and-Over Trail on Round Mountain. Meet on Saturday, November 7th @ 10AM just off Rock Creek Road (map). We'll break at 1PM and then have our BONC Gala ride starting on the trail we just help build!

This project will divert the main trail away from the Coyote Point Overlook. The overlook will still be accessible, but the current trail will become a spur trail. The main trail will continue above the overlook and reconnect with the existing trail. A few hundred yards of trail will be re-created. The BLM has already roughed in this trailbed, which some of you have seen. BONC will finish up this trail on 11/7. Working with Round Mountain neighbors, BONC has spearheaded this project.

Please join us for this event. We'll offer food and drinks for participants. Please bring long pants, shoes and gloves and of course water, helmet and snacks for your ride.

Unified Trail Days - October 10,11

Register for this event!

Please join us for the 2009 Unified Trail Days. This year, we will improve Burlington Ridge trails east of Nevada City on October 10th and 11th from 9AM till 1PM. Pick which day is best for you. A free BBQ lunch will be served on Saturday.

Staging area will be at Chalk Bluff Road & Hwy. 20, east of Nevada City.

Don’t forget your gloves, snack and water for the trail work. Wear closed toed shoes and long pants. We will be clearing brush, rocks and dirt. If you have a shovel, rake or McCloud please bring them. Note that the heavy work will already be completed :-) Bring your family, friends, Boy and Girl Scout Troops to help out. We need volunteers for trail work, food prep and clean up.

This project is sponsored by the Nevada County Wood Riders, Gold Country Trail’s Council, BONC and the USFS. This is an important opportunity to partner with these other user groups and demonstrate that local mountain bikers are an essential part of the trail building community. Please join us.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

September BONC Gala Ride: Fun!

We had a great time and a great turnout (~25 people) for yesterday's BONC Gala Ride. We rode Pioneer Trail and explored other trails in this area. Free watermelon, bagels and beer was had. I met a lot of cool new people and enjoyed some great conversations. I am stoked to see this event growing more successful each month. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Pictures.

Please join us for the next Gala ride on Saturday, October 3rd. Stay tuned for details.