Monday, October 27, 2008

Forest City Recap

Just received the following email from Zachi Anderson:

"It has been a while. A lot has happened in Forest City this year. The bridge is completed. Even better is the sweet trials section called “Pearl Necklace” adjacent to it. The Sandusky Trail has seasoned well and we have tuned up all the switchbacks so they are ridable although challenging. We just got the go ahead to begin construction on the epic 8 mile downhill (Ridge Runner and Jersey Trails) from the upper trail head all the way down to FC.

Our goal is to get as much roughed in before winter to allow it to season. We are going to start this work in earnest the next two weekends. In fact. We will be up on it for 10 days starting Halloween. Please come on up for some riding and trail play. There are some sweet sections in this new route that will roll your eyes into the brain with pleasure.
We are currently starting to work on grants for '09. Anyone who could help with that would be great.

We also are still looking for a website angel. Pour sad website just doesn’t seem to have any legs."

IMBA Itinerary

I've published a full itinerary for the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Nevada City. It includes:

FRIDAY 11/21

Ride (Miner's/Scott's Drop Ride) 1PM - Meet at Nevada City Hall on Spring Street.

Club Care Presentation, 7PM, 503 Sacramento Street, Nevada City - Learn about building a better mountain bike club


Trailbuilding School, 9AM to noon @ Nevada City Hall - Learn techniques for building great trails for all users

Trailwork on Deek Creek Trail - 1PM - 4PM - Meet at 16545 Champion Road, Nevada City - Help build the latest trail right outside of town!

BBQ/Potluck (location disclosed to participants) - Good times as we eat, drink and tell tale tales

SUNDAY 11/23

South Yuba Ride, 10AM - Meet at trailhead parking near South Yuba Campground.

Please register today. It is FREE.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nevada City IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit

The IMBA Trail Care Crew is visiting Nevada City, CA on November 21-23! This special event is free and will involve trail building clinics, BBQs, rides and good times. We'll help build the new Deer Creek Trail and learn a lot about building quality trails and a better bike club. We have multiple rides planned, including a South Yuba ride.

We would love to have you join us for all or any part of this event. Please register online.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Loma Rica and Forest City Trails Update

Trail builder Jon Fisher recently sent me a message that ended with the following declaration: "There are never enough trails." EXACTLY! Which is why efforts on the Loma Rica Trail and elsewhere are so inspiring.

Jon tells me that he and others are working hard on the arched bridge near the second entrance to Loma Rica Ranch. Jon re-graded it and then laid some 3/4" road base to harden the trail. Bill Haire was on the rake and laid a 30" wide trail.

Up in Forest City, Jon and others used an excavator and miniskider to rebuild the trailhead parking that they built last fall (and was since vandalized). Some rock building is needed to finish it. Plans are to build the new Ridge-Runner Trail next. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pioneer Trail is Now More Singletracky

Over the weekend, BONC joined over 100 volunteers who helped cut a new section of Pioneer Trail near Excelsior Road. Other participating groups included the Nevada County Woods Riders, Gold Country Trails Council, NU HS mountain bike team and SYRCL. The new section is fantastic. It is tight and twisty with lots of ups and downs. It will be as nice as any other section of Upper Pioneer. More needs to be done, but we'll get there soon enough!

A special commendation goes to the Woods Riders, who provided more volunteers than anyone, even though the trail is non-motorized. And of course a special thanks to Fred Bergman who helped facilitate this extraordinarily well coordinated event.

If you could not make this event, please plan on attending the IMBA Trail Care Crew weekend on 11/21 - 11/23 as we work on the new Deer Creek Trail, ride a lot and drink beer :-)

Some pictures of the Pioneer trailwork

Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day - Pics

Here are some pictures from our damp but very fun Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day event at Empire Mine:

As expected, turn out was modest due to the weather, but those who showed up had a great time! My daughter loved it so much, she did two rides, than rode again at home. Thank you to all who participated and donated.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

All About Cooperation

For a long time, I have preached the scripture of sharing trails and working with different user groups to expand local trail opportunities. Yesterday's Union carried a front page story that describes how three local groups are coming together for this weekend's trail construction project on the Pioneer Trail. Very inspiring.

Please consider joining us this weekend (learn more).

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BONCers and the New King Range Trail

BONCers Jim and Cathy Haagen-Smit were honored at the dedication ceremony for this new Paradise Royale Trail in the King Range. I can't wait to ride it! Read the story.

Word is that this trail offers something for every level of rider, from smooth sections, to rocky technical parts that require trials skills. I am also curious to know what building techniques volunteers used to deal with the incredible amount of rainfall the King Range gets.