Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit - Recap

The IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Nevada City was a freight train of awesome.

We had a super fun party with *amazing* food and free beer, a 40+ person trail building session that broke ground on new local singletrack, two sweet mtb rides, swag handouts, eight new BONC members, an excellent presentation on creating a better bike club and another on building the best possible trails. All during near perfect weather in late November.

View the photo album.

Thanks goes to everyone who volunteered, including:
  • Bill Haire and the Land Trust for the trailwork planning and work
  • The Sierra Express Racing team who showed up big time for the trailwork
  • Chuck Ross and Chris Thibodeau who led the Union Hill team kids as they built a sweet rock freeride feature on the new trail (see pictures)
  • Shannon Wright for everything, especially her cooking skills
  • Fred Bergman, who among other things arranged sponsorship with Auburn Bike Works (thanks ABW)
  • Dave Hughes for being the best ride sweeper ever
  • New Belgium Brewing for donation of excellent beer
  • Rich Strohl who picked up the excellent beer from Sacto
  • Jason and Anna of IMBA for sharing their incredible trail and club knowledge
  • IMBA for creating such a great program
  • And anyone else I forgot

Hope you can get out and enjoy the trails this Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Trail Rundown

I thought it might be useful to describe new trail efforts in our area and my understanding of the status of each:

Diamond Arrow Trail (Rock Creek Road to the South Yuba Trail) - Passed environmental assessment, waiting Archeology and Botany assessments. No word on when we can begin turning dirt :-/

Hirschman Pond Trail (near Cement Hill Road) - Under construction, much of it is open, but needs clearing and other work.

Scott's Flat Trail (new trail near the lake) - I am meeting with NID this week on this proposed trail (see map).

Loma Rica Trail (along Brunswick Road) - Currently under construction under the auspices of Bill Haire.

Deer Creek Trail (near Nevada City) - Beginning construction, again under the auspices of Bill Haire.

Bowman Mountain Trail (near Grouse Ridge) - Flagged and cleared. Construction on hold until the snow melts this spring.

Forest City Trails (Ridge Runner, Sandusky, etc.) - See forthcoming blog post from Zachi Anderson

North Yuba Trail (west of Downieville) - This fall, SBTS is hoping to punch through the new section to near Goodyear's Bar.

This list is probably not complete and does not include current/planned re-routes of exisiting trails, such as the Pioneer Trail, Up-and-Over Trail and others. Read about Land Trust trail efforts.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks in the Union

Fred Bergman wrote an excellent letter to the Union that appeared in today's issue. It thanks all the groups and individuals who helped out on the Pioneer trailwork day last month.

Local residents should take heed, as these volunteers helped enhance a recreational gem (the Pioneer Trail) that we all enjoy tremendously. Thank you for the acknowledgment, Fred!