Sunday, August 28, 2011

Downed Trees and the Dakine Builder's Pack

This evening, I bucked the downed oak and cedar that blocked the Scott's Flat Trail for the past few months or so. With NID permission of course.

To access this section, I rode in wearing my Dakine Builder's Pack. This nifty backpack held my chainsaw and chaps, with lots of room for other tools, water, hardware, first aid supplies, etc. The Builder's Pack is a worthy investment for anyone who wants to access trailwork sections on bike or foot.

My chainsaw fits securely on the outside pocket with the saw bar sticking upward (I use a protective plastic cover to prevent a crash from turning exceptionally nasty). I wouldn't want to climb anything especially steep or long with this setup and and I noticed that my rear suspension and tire compressed more with the added weight. Also, you have to watch out for low hanging limbs, as the bar sticks up above and behind your head.

However, riding with it is surprisingly easy. I was able to ride all of the Scott's Flat Trail (including over the step-up bridges and roots) without a problem. Dakine did a good job designing the pack such that your chainsaw is balanced well the user's back. Chris Rose borrowed mine for a while and found it "ninja". I sorta had to pry it back from him :-)

The Builder's Pack is not cheap ($170 or so), but I'll use it so much over the years working on local trails, no doubt I'll get my money's worth from it.

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