Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Scott's Flat Trail Impressions

Recently, my dogs and I had the pleasure of walking the proposed trail corridor for the Scott's Flat Trail. This entirely new section of trail will begin at the 5 Mile House and wind its way down to Scott's Flat Lake at the NID campground, where it will join the lakeside trail.

This is a *big* project that will result in ~4.5 miles of new singletrack close to town. Volunteers have done a good job picking the route, which follows a gentle grade across forested NID and USFS lands. I saw little evidence of much rock in this terrain, so I envision the trail will be very smooth. The gentle grade means that the route will be quite rideable in both directions, unlike the existing Scott's Drop Trail it will replace. And of course, much longer.

When the time comes, I hope BONC volunteers will step up to support this very local trail. The working group has already done a lot of preparation; as with most projects, the majority of required effort for a trail occurs long before any dirt is turned. If you have any questions, let Jon Pritchett know at http://www.bonc.org/contact

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