Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So Whatever Happened to the Diamond Arrow Trail Anyway?

Good question. Those of you who recall know that the Diamond Arrow Trail was a proposal to construct a trail from the Diamond Arrow Christian Conference Center down into the South Yuba Canyon where it would connect to the South Yuba Trail just downstream from Edwards Crossing. View a map of the proposed route here.

The Diamond Arrow Trail proposal won the support of the South Yuba Management Plan. This plan was the result of many public volunteer hours and countless input meetings. The plan wrapped up in 2005.

But the planners (USFS, State Parks and the BLM) needed money to implement this management plan. Funding of this would pay for the environmental assessment needed before we could construct the trail. Today, I called BLM and State Parks only to find that a recent Prop 50 grant application for the plan was denied. These officials had no other news about possible funding. Even the plan's hotline and website has no updated information.

I would hate to think that all of us who donated a lot of time to these meetings and trail planning did so in vain. When will the plan be financed? When can we see the management plan implemented? The public wants and deserves to know.

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