Monday, January 08, 2007

Beauty of Auburn Trails

We rode a shortish Auburn loop (Google Earth file) yesterday (Clementine > Connector > back on Connector > Fuel Break > Culvert > Confluence). The trails were in great condition. Some recent work was done on the Connector Trail which allowed water to drain off the trail at sections where otherwise mud would collect. A big thank you to FATRAC and others who keep these trails in top shape.

The Connector Trail has matured into a terrific route. It is a blast to ride, features a sustainable design and does well in all months of the year. The builders of this trail should be proud of what they've created and all of us should be grateful.

Yesterday, I was struck by the beauty of some of the Auburn trails and the accompanying scenery. For example, just the short section of singletrack near the beginning (bottom) of Clementine is just gorgeous. To see what I mean, visit this web album of our ride.

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