Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Beginner Mountain Bike Opportunity

Dawrin Leek leads a ride for beginners this Saturday. According to Darwin:

What: Beginner / Intermediate mountain bike ride. Saturday 1-20-2007

Where: Meet @ Empire Professional Building, Back, Body & Beyond / Chiropractic +, 605 South Auburn Street, Front Parking lot. Grass Valley, CA (Corner of Empire & South Auburn Streets)

Time: Arrive @ 9:30-9:45 am / Leave promptly @ 10:00 am.

Details: Empire mine state park, fire roads, single track, hills, etc. Ride will be at beginner / intermediate level / those more advanced that know the park are invited to assist/ encourage others, or go @ your own pace.

Further Details?? Contact: Darwin S. Leek, D.C.@ (530) -273-8082 (press 6 to leave message)

What to bring: Weather appropriate clothing. Recommendations: (2 layers lycra / with nylon shell-vest is best) Full fingered gloves, Wool socks, non-slip comfortable cycling appropriate shoes. H20: Water bottle, or hydration pack. Spare tube / pump / recommended. Bike helmet * REQUIRED...NO HELMET= NO RIDE. Oh yeah... Don't forget to bring your fat-tire... not the beer... the bike....( :

I practice the "No Rider Left Behind" Rule....Will wait at turns...tops of hills for those that are not yet able to keep up...This is designed to be a fun ride for all.

Not to put a damper on things, or discourage participation, but this probably does need to be said: While generally a safe and fun sport...due to the strenuous physical nature & terrain involved in Mountain Biking, as in other such sporting / recreational endeavors: MINOR TO SEVERE INJURY / BRUISES / FRACTURES / DISLOCATIONS, OR DEATH CAN OCCUR...all participants do so @ their own risk & take full responsibility for their own state of health /actions / equipment / abilities / choices. Minor children must be accompanied by a responsible parent / guardian. In other words I am doing this as a way to introduce people to a generally healthful & fun recreational activity in our community, so don't get maimed, wounded, hurt, or dead & sue me : ( , or I will have to find something else to do with my Saturday mornings. ( : !!!

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