Thursday, December 08, 2011

Singlespeeding in Nevada County

I recently built up my first dedicated singlespeed rig. After ~15 rides, I've fallen in love with SS riding. Why you ask? Well, I am trying to understand myself, but it goes something like this:

As a 12 year resident of Grass Valley, this flavor of riding has provided a new set of challenges on trails I've ridden countless times since moving here. Hills that were mundane or routine are now significant physical challenges. Cleaning them are often personal triumphs of strength and determination (or in my head they are). At the end of a ride, I feel thoroughly worked in a new, different way. I very much feel that I've accomplished something. The 29er wheels make the hardtail thing much more fun for me, as the big wheels smooth out the rough sections.

Not all local rides are SS friendly (or at least not with my current level of skill/strength/stamina). But routes that I find well suited to SSing include: Bullards, Miners/Pioneer/Scott's Drop, certain trails at Osborne Hill/Empire Mine, Auburn and Round Mountain. I am learning that you want rolling trails which are less flat. Big climbs are OK too, as long as they are not crazy steep.

I plan to explore more trails on my SS to see which are fun and which are beyond my abilities. South Yuba Trail is on my agenda.

ABOUT THE BIKE: Built on a 2011 Specialized Rockhopper SL 29 frame, my bike uses a 32/20 gear combination, which suits my desire to clean as many sections as possible without spinning out too much on flat portions. I use a suspension fork (Reba XX with a remote lockout) and super wide Easton Haven carbon bars for leverage.

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