Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Scott's Flat Trail Construction: First Impressions

Today, I had the chance to check out progress with the new Scott's Flat Trail construction on USFS land. Note that this trail is not open yet and is only in a rough cut phase; please do not ride the trail yet. Lots of finish work is yet needed, then a winter of precipitation.

The Scott's Flat Alliance construction team is doing a great job thus far. The trail winds through the forest and will feature moderate berms and dips/jumps where you will be able to enjoy some airtime, if that is your thing. I spoke with Chris Rose, who is leading the chainsaw crew and he is pleased as well.

The first section starts on flat terrain, so it might be challenging to provide adequate drainage. It is only after significant rainfall that you tell for certain where water will collect. I always think that a trail isn't really done until at least few years after construction when you get to tweak things here and there.

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