Saturday, December 17, 2011

BONCers Improve Round Mountain

Be sure to check out the Round Mountain trail improvements BONC volunteers accomplished today. With many new faces, a solid turnout, newly sharpened tools (thank you Land Trust) and near perfect trail building conditions, we kicked butt:

Re-built one of the steep RM Trail switchbacks - Matt and Dan led the charge on this one, sculpting a beautiful, more sustainable route.

Created an entirely new switchback on the Upper Hudson Trail - Dieter and company artfully built a new climbing turn which replaced a badly eroded fall line section. Across the road, I used a pick axe to eliminate the water trap that created a nasty axle-deep bog in the wetter months.

Cut bench and pruned - The rest of us focused on re-establishing the proper width of many portions of the South Yuba and Round Mountain Trails and pruning back vegetation. We also cut some drainage outlets.

Repaired signage - Terry, Rich and I installed a new sign post at the RM/S Yuba intersection. A big thank you to Chris Rose who donated the post.

Additional thanks to Sierra Coffee Roasters, New Belgium Brewing, Bill Haire, the BLM and all out fantastic volunteers! BONC's next official trail volunteer day is on Saturday, January 28 at Hirschman Pond, though you can also help out the Scott's Flat Trail Alliance as they continue work on this new trail.

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