Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Trail Maintenance?

Trail maintenance is certainly not as sexy as building new singletrack. But it is just as important. Improving an existing trail can make all the difference in the quality of our local rides. It can convert a muddy, tree-blocked, brush-covered, rutted mess into trail that is sustainable and fun to ride.

Less tangible is the reputation factor. Volunteer trail maintenance gives local users groups credibility when it comes to requesting new trails. The land management agency knows that your club will be able to deliver volunteer man hours and resources that these projects need.

In this spirit, I met with NID staff at Scott's Flat Lake on Monday to walk, discuss and flag BONC and YBONC trailwork on 11/13. This lakeside trail is rather popular with local mountain bikers who ride Scott's Drop from the Pioneer Trail. It offers some very nice vistas and swimming opportunities in the summer. BONC has worked on it before, but there are some sections that collect water, are rutted or need brushing.

Please consider joining us on 11/13 to make this trail even better.

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