Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Diamond Arrow Trail Update

The revised Diamond Arrow Trail project is moving along just as planned. This trail will extend ~2.3 miles west from the Round Mountain trailhead to the Diamond Arrow conference center on BLM land, resulting in a six mile loop along the ridge and many other riding possibilities.

We have poured over maps and done some field reconnaissance to identify a corridor that avoids crazy steep terrain and private property. This map shows the latest version of a possible trail route.

Next up: we will flag a trail route in the field, but are waiting for the poison oak leaves to die out so this will be a bit more pleasant. Once we have accomplished this and doubled check our work with some pros, we will gain BLM approval and apply for grant money in 2011 to fund construction. The BLM will administer this grant money, not BONC. We will ask them to consider using appropriate equipment for the terrain so the end product is optimal.

This is only part of what we hope to accomplish on Round Mountain. We are also considering a re-route of the Up-and-Over Trail as it descends steeply to the RM trailhead, create a connector trail and more. Please let me know if you want to join us in the field once the PO settles down; it is always an adventure.


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