Friday, October 22, 2010

About the IMBA Trail Building School

The IMBA Trail Care Crew will be in town soon to teach us the latest ideas and techniques for designing and building sustainable trails. All area staff and trail enthusiasts are invited and enrollment is free. BONC and YBONC be hosting the program at and near Twin Cities Church starting at 9AM on Saturday 11/6.

This program is for all volunteers, staff, teams and trail users: 1/2 day classroom; 1/2 field work. Everyone who likes trails and wants to help maintain and improve them is welcome. The day begins with a morning of class time where we will learn the latest techniques in trail design and improvement. YBONC will provide lunch for a $5 donation. In the afternoon, we will apply what we learned on singletrack at Kenney Ranch property adjacent to Twin Cities.

If you have not attended an IMBA TCC trail building class, be prepared to be inspired and excited. You'll learn what it takes to create great trails that include outstanding switchbacks, drainage and flow. The crew will also talk about what it takes to get permission to build a trail (which is ALWAYS the hardest part). Hope you can join us.

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