Monday, August 25, 2008

Tahoe National Forest Trail Update

From Joe Chavez of the Tahoe National Service:

"This is just FYI on some recent trail work, so you will be aware of the changes.

Empire Creek Trail - The two climbing turns installed last fall by No-Toil group and SBTS have been hardened with turf stones. Soils are ashy here and will never firm up (like the west end of Chimney Rock Trail). The reroute of the switchback above these climbing turns has been completed. The trail now makes a large sweeping turn, putting you out on the ridge at a nice vista point. Bottom end of the Empire Creek trail (steep section right off the road), this area has been lengthened to lower the grade (expect new turns). Wet springs, my one remaining trail crew member is currently working on draining the springs off the trail along the lower end of the trail. There will be deeper rolling dips supported by rock on the reverse grade (expect larger, more abrupt dips - slow down).

Lindsey Lakes Trail - Just below the intersection with Crooked Lakes Trail (near Rock Lake), the first section of the Lindsey Lakes trail reroute project to lower the grade is done. The trail now contours over to a vista point and returns to the old trail in the dry meadow. (only several hundred feet of the original trail has been rerouted, there is still much more to do on this reroute project)

Excelsior Trail - Last remaining section of reroute identified in the Burlington EIS has been completed (40 foot hill climb section in the plantation). The trail now contours in and out of the drainage.

Gibraltar Trail (single track) - We started to reroute the very steep section of trail immediately out of Dean's Ravine heading north. We expect to finish this piece of reroute the week of Sept 1, when I have a chance to get back there. We already contoured across the steep slope to a point that we know it is feasible. The reroute goes across the steep sidehill, then turns back where miners created a "gut," then it will reconnect back to the old trail above the steep section."

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