Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pruning Bullard's

We had a modest turnout for today's trailwork at Bullard's, but six of us managed to trim back all the overgrowth on Rebel Ridge and some on Bullard's Bar Trail. I am really excited that Rebel Ridge is finally clear of the nasty overgrowth that made it unpleasant to ride, especially on the south side of Marysville Road.

Note that there are a few downed trees (as usual) on Bullard's Bar Trail between Rebel Ridge and Schoolhouse Trails. Hopefully we can take these out soon; they are somewhat small.

The advantage of the shorter trailwork session was that we were able to get in a fun ride (i.e. not while nackered) on this trail system after we wrapped up our work. Bullard's is a great place to ride on a hot day because there is so much shade.

Big thanks to Fred Bergman who spearheaded and coordinated this project! And others who came to Bullard's recently to help improve trail conditions. Bullard's is a high maintenance system, but is so worth it.

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