Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When Horses Attack!

(Just kidding with title of this posting :-)

From Joe Chavez of the Tahoe National Forest:

"FYI - The annual horse endurance event will be happing this weekend. They will be using some of the trails in the Burlington area and Pioneer Trail. They posted a sign at Chalk Bluff Staging area last weekend. Please let your club members know this will be going on. Thanks, Joe"

Please note that there is yet another equestrian event the following weekend too. So unless you enjoy hiking or riding a mountain bike through dust and horse turds, find another place to ride. Where? The South Yuba is in great shape, as local mountain bikers have spend many hours trimming back poison oak in the past few weeks.

And lest my equestrian friends think I am picking on them, let me acknowledge that the Gold Country Trails Council just put in a ton of trailwork on the Halllujah Trail extension and Rock Creek Trail. Rock on, Wilbur!

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