Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It is Official: Bill Haire Rocks!

On Friday at the California Trails and Greenway Conference, Bill Haire will receive a Lifetime Achievement award for his ceaseless work on trails over the course of his career. Whether as a USFS staff member, Nevada County Land Trust Trails Coordinator or plain old volunteer, every single mountain biker on this list has benefited from his efforts on local trails. There are outstanding trails near Downieville, Bullards Bar, Burlington Ridge, Grass Valley/Nevada City, Grouse Ridge and elsewhere that would never have come to pass without Bill's quiet but relentless efforts. And sometimes, it seems that he is just getting started (or at least he likes to think so).

The next time you see Bill, be sure to thank and congratulate him. Chances are, he'll have a volunteer trail project that needs you some time in the next few weeks :-)

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