Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Diamond Arrow Trail Progress

Earlier this week, Bill Haire of the Nevada County Land Trust, John Rapphahn of the BLM and I scouted a route for the upper (southern) section of the forthcoming Diamond Arrow Trail. You can view a track of the route we flagged:

View upper route in Google Maps
View upper route in Google Earth

One important thing I learned on this expedition is that it may be possible to keep the entire trail on BLM property, which would make planning and construction much simpler. Originally, I had thought that the trail would have to cross the Diamond Arrow property.

This project has long been dear to my heart, as I see this trail as a great addition to the South Yuba trail system. It seems that there is some momentum now to move this project along. The BLM may have some resources to conduct the necessary environmental assessment this year. Once that is in place, we can begin construction.

The terrain that this trail will traverse is similar to other areas near Round Mountain. Lots of nice views, poison oak, decomposed granite and steep canyon slopes.

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