Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Auburn Alert

IMBA State Rep Jim Haagen-Smit passes this along:

"ALERT: Auburn State Recreation Area Update

Mountain bikers should be aware of two issues concerning riding
opportunities in the Auburn State Recreation Area. First, State Parks is drafting a feasibility study regarding the Auburn to Cool Trail. Second, the management plan for the entire ASRA is being updated. It is important the mountain bike community be at the table. That's you!

Regarding the AtoC trail, it is general consensus that the current trail alignment is too steep and not all that fun. Additionally, the current river crossing has gone away now that the river is being restored into its channel, so agencies are reviewing crossing options. What would you like to see? A big expensive new bridge? A seasonal crossing? Use existing bridges, such as the Mountain Quarries Bridge (currently closed to bikes) or Highway 49, with new well-designed, sustainable trails between Auburn and Cool. Take a moment to send in a quick comment to:

Auburn to Cool Trail Crossing Study
Attn: Jennifer Rogers
c/o Jones & Stokes
2600 V Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
Comment deadline: April 15, 2007.

Next, be a part of the update process for the management plan. Email State Parks to let them know you would like to be on the mailing list. Small stakeholders meetings last Spring and this April are including mountain bikers, as well as equestrians, hikers, etc. Based on comments received, a draft plan will be issued and public hearings will be held. Please be prepared to review the plan and attend the hearings – FATRAC will post details. To get on the mailing list, email:

For more information on the Auburn State Recreation Area, go to

Contact: Cathy Haagen-Smit at (916) 663-4626."

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Anonymous said...

Anyway for equestrians who support safe multiuse trails to unite with bikers and collectively seek additional support, i.e.prop 84 funds, letters to Placer and El Dorado Supervisors, meet with Doolittle at his upcomming openhouse to generate pressure for a for a multiuse crossing near Oregon Bar to connect Auburn to Cool?