Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trail Happenings

This blog has been quiet for a while, largely because I recently started in on a new exciting job which occupies much of my time. However, here are some very unofficial trail-related news bits:

The Wetherall Trail extension on Banner Mountain is complete. Local mechanized trail builder Bob Hale cut the trail under the supervision of the Bear Yuba Land Trust. I have not seen this work first hand, but I hear nothing but good things about the new section.

The Land Trust continues to plan for a trail along the Bear River. This is a ginormous project that involves multiple agencies and landowners. I am helping the Land Trust move this endeavor forward. Now we are in the delicate, never-ending stage where we obtain buy in from the powers that be.

Work on the Tribute Trail continues. The BLM brought in Americorps to help complete the section on BLM property on the south side of the creek, while Bill Haire and Land Trust volunteers continue to cut a beautiful new section near Jordan Street.

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