Friday, April 20, 2012

Tribute Trail Construction

Today, I joined other Land Trust volunteers to work on a new portion of the Tribute Trail in Nevada City. This section traverses a beautiful forest on city-owned land near the sewage treatment plant on the south side of Deer Creek. This is a very exciting project which will establish important new singletrack that you can access from downtown.

Today's work focused on rock cribbing and establishing a berm on a formerly tight switchback. We harvested rock from the immediate area to build up the downhill side of the trailbed, which occurs on a steep sideslope.

The volunteers are wonderful group of skilled, enthusiastic people who contribute regularly to these trail building events. Sarah Frietas and others focused on widening the radius of the turn to accomodate cyclists. I peeled off to work on a choke point to prevent skidding. Bill Haire led an effort down trail to build the cribbing. It was very collaborative process and I thank Bill Haire for organizing this.

The trail will see some mechanized construction in the near future. The Land Trust has hired Bob Hale, a licensed, insured mini excavator operator who has helped build other local trails.

I look forward to contributing to future Land Trust trail building days. Here are some pictures; unfortunately, some of them are blurry, as trail dirt found its way on to my iPhone lens:


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