Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trails on a Different Kind of Bike

Yesterday, I poked around on local Grass Valley trails on my first ride ever on a cyclocross bike. I bought this ride some time ago, but the amazing weather kept me riding my mountain bikes thus far this winter.

I kept my expectations in check. I've logged countless hours on both road and mountain bikes, but had no idea how this contraption would fare on either the road or trail. On pavement, it performed exactly like a road rig: fast, efficient and smooth.

On the trail... well, it was strange. It worked much better than I expected, providing great traction and steering. On the technical sections, not some much. But I think this is the point of a cross bike on trails: it makes sections we might find unremarkable on a mountain bike challenging, even very challenging. Thing is, I can't rip on a rocky section with 5" of comfy suspension. I have to rely on what skills and tenacity I have.

This bike makes a worthy addition to my quiver. Like my singlespeed, it isn't an every day ride, but something I pull out when I want to push myself. Soon I plan to explore many of the endless fireroads we are blessed with in Nevada County. Want to join me?

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