Saturday, January 28, 2012

RECAP: BONC Trail Day at Hirschman's

I am always impressed with the skill that BONC volunteers bring to local trail projects. We have some serious talent within our ranks and it was on display Saturday at Hirschman's Trail.

About 15 of us rebuilt the first three switchbacks on the northwest end of the trail. We increased the radius of these turns such that they are more navigable and enjoyable to cyclists. Be sure to check it out. We built berms by excavating the uphill side and installing rock cribbing on the downhill side. The soil was almost perfect, though the rocks were just as heavy as always :-)

Additionally, Bill Haire and Terry Hundemer laid gravel at both approaches to a bridge where the soil had settled.

A big thank you to Bill Haire and the Land Trust for supporting this effort. My hope is that this is just the first of many BONC trail days at Hirschman's where we do similar work. We ride this trail frequently and it feels great to help improve such an important community asset so close to home.


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