Thursday, July 14, 2011

Matching Program for Trails

Fact is, no one builds more public trails closer to town than the Nevada County Land Trust. They are the premier trail building organization in our area. Over the past decade or so, Bill Haire and his colleagues have forged relationships with private land owners and government agencies and no one can match their record of success of putting trails on the ground close to home. The result is that more users are on more NCLT-created trails for both recreational and commuting purposes.

The Land Trust also has an incredible donor who is willing to match donations to trail work in Nevada County dollar for dollar up to $10K. Mountain bikers and other trail aficionados can take this opportunity to double your contribution and thereby bring even more trails to Nevada County, like the brand new Deer Creek Tribute Trail in Nevada City.

Trails don't just happen. Donate today!

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