Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bullards Report

I don't usually ride Bullards in July, but conditions in the Sierra are not usual this year. Today I rode everything east of Dark Day.

The trails are in very good shape. If you pay attention, you can see evidence everywhere of the destruction wrought on this trail system by the winter. BONC volunteers, Woods Riders and others put in enormous efforts to repair and improve the trails; without this, I would not be able to ride there today. As is typical at Bullards, there are some sections that need short reroutes or a tree taken out. BONC will host another trailwork day later this year to address some of these issues, so stay tuned.

In the 15 years I've ridden Bullards, I've never seen the lake so high (see pictures).

The landslide west of Dark Day is still gianormous and impassable with a bike unless you are very determined. The USFS still plans to repair this ASAP and rebuild this short section.

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