Thursday, June 24, 2010

Partial Closure of the Wetherall Trail

The Nevada County Land Trust is temporarily closing a portion of the Wetherall Trail to accommodate neighbors concerns about use of the private Big Blue Road. The Land Trust will temporarily close the trail at a point some 200-300 feet above the point where it joins the NID service road. A barrier will be installed and signs will advise users that this point is the end of the trail and that users should return to the Cascade Canal rather than continuing on down to Big Blue Road or the D-S Canal.

Please abide by this closure. The Land Trust intends to build a return trail that will connect with the new trail and bring trail users back to the top of the preserve property via a different route along the eastern portion of the property. This work is being planned for this fall, and will provide another opportunity for volunteers to assist in the trail construction.

Building trails is complex process that the Land Trust does exceptionally well. Let's support them as they work through this.

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