Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jon and the NCLT

Jon Fisher has worked on many trails in our area. You might not know this because Jon is not the kind of guy who grandstands. For years he has quietly worked alongside Bill Haire and others creating great local dirt routes using his equipment. You may have seen his work on the Empire-to-Memorial-Park trail and other Land Trust projects.

Last weekend, Jon worked with Bill on the trail from near Twin Cities Church to A-to-Z on Ridge Road. This project may not be about creating the next big freeride drop or swoopy singletrack, but trails which offer connectivity like this are very important. They create transportation corridors and the means to avoid dangerous motorized roads when hiking or riding locally.

As someone who rides more local routes these days (having three kids will do that to you), I appreciate Jon's efforts. His work is yet another reason we need to support the Nevada County Land Trust as the primary trail building organization in our area. We are lucky to have Bill, Jon and other NCLT people creating trails for all of us. It is not easy establishing permanent trail easements with local governments and property owners. I know that from personal experience that turning dirt is least complicated part of creating a trail. But such local trails make our area a much better place to live. No one does it as well as the Nevada County Land Trust.

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