Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Trail Rundown

I thought it might be useful to describe new trail efforts in our area and my understanding of the status of each:

Diamond Arrow Trail (Rock Creek Road to the South Yuba Trail) - Passed environmental assessment, waiting Archeology and Botany assessments. No word on when we can begin turning dirt :-/

Hirschman Pond Trail (near Cement Hill Road) - Under construction, much of it is open, but needs clearing and other work.

Scott's Flat Trail (new trail near the lake) - I am meeting with NID this week on this proposed trail (see map).

Loma Rica Trail (along Brunswick Road) - Currently under construction under the auspices of Bill Haire.

Deer Creek Trail (near Nevada City) - Beginning construction, again under the auspices of Bill Haire.

Bowman Mountain Trail (near Grouse Ridge) - Flagged and cleared. Construction on hold until the snow melts this spring.

Forest City Trails (Ridge Runner, Sandusky, etc.) - See forthcoming blog post from Zachi Anderson

North Yuba Trail (west of Downieville) - This fall, SBTS is hoping to punch through the new section to near Goodyear's Bar.

This list is probably not complete and does not include current/planned re-routes of exisiting trails, such as the Pioneer Trail, Up-and-Over Trail and others. Read about Land Trust trail efforts.

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