Tuesday, November 25, 2008

IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit - Recap

The IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Nevada City was a freight train of awesome.

We had a super fun party with *amazing* food and free beer, a 40+ person trail building session that broke ground on new local singletrack, two sweet mtb rides, swag handouts, eight new BONC members, an excellent presentation on creating a better bike club and another on building the best possible trails. All during near perfect weather in late November.

View the photo album.

Thanks goes to everyone who volunteered, including:
  • Bill Haire and the Land Trust for the trailwork planning and work
  • The Sierra Express Racing team who showed up big time for the trailwork
  • Chuck Ross and Chris Thibodeau who led the Union Hill team kids as they built a sweet rock freeride feature on the new trail (see pictures)
  • Shannon Wright for everything, especially her cooking skills
  • Fred Bergman, who among other things arranged sponsorship with Auburn Bike Works (thanks ABW)
  • Dave Hughes for being the best ride sweeper ever
  • New Belgium Brewing for donation of excellent beer
  • Rich Strohl who picked up the excellent beer from Sacto
  • Jason and Anna of IMBA for sharing their incredible trail and club knowledge
  • IMBA for creating such a great program
  • And anyone else I forgot

Hope you can get out and enjoy the trails this Thanksgiving!

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