Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Iron Mike

Yesterday afternoon, while driving my kids to back from school, I passed Mike Haire as toiled away on the new Loma Rica Trail off Brunswick Road. There he was all alone, digging away with his Pulaski, forging a new trail for the rest of us.

I hurled some insults at him as I drove by, but he was oblivious to my harrassment. Mike did all this work after he rode the Missouri Bar/South Yuba loop, as he related in an email. So he put in 17+ miles of riding and 2.5 hours of solo trailwork in one day. Henceforth, Metal Mile will be known as Iron Mike.

BTW, Iron Mike tells us that the poison oak is prevalent on the South Yuba/Missouri Bar Trails. This matches my experience on local trails of late.

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Metal Mike said...

Thanks for the props John. I had my IPOD on while working. The new Soilent Green CD came in the mail that day and my other form of motivation is good heavy metal "grindcore" music to pump me up.