Thursday, April 17, 2008


Bill and Mike Haire have cut in an entire section of the Loma Rica Trail. If you drive by, this trail is just below eyesight on the north side of Brunswick Road near the Nevada County Horseman's area entrance. Plans for a bridge over Wolf Creek are moving along.

See a map of the entire proposed trail (PDF).

Please thank Bill and Mike if you see them. Mike spent a big chunk of his vacation time building this new trail for everybody.


Anna Haynes said...

Thank you Mike and Bill!!!

Questions - what's the plan, for the Brunswick Rd section south of Bubbling Wells rd, where Brunswick is built up above the surrounding land?
(Will the road be widened (with fill) to 4 lanes? will the trail be at or near road level, or down by creek level?)
(1 more q - on the land trust map, should the "whitewater creek" line be moved northward?)

Anna said...

(update: never mind about the creek)