Monday, March 24, 2008

More from the Tahoe National Forest

From Joe Chavez:

"Due to scheduled helicopter logging activity along and adjacent to the South Yuba Canal near the Burlington trail system, the Forest Service will be implementing a Forest Order to close the area 300 feet south of highway 20 and south of the 20-12 Road (Burlington Ridge Road).

The logging needs to happen during the scheduled dewatering of the canal starting April 14. The closure would be scheduled from April 14, 2008 through June 1, 2008. It is hoped that the need for the closure will only be three weeks, but the extra time is added just in case don't go as planned. Because of the need to complete the activity in three weeks, and due to the costs involved, the loggers will be working seven days a week. As soon as the helicopter
logging is done, the closure order will be lifted. The Memorial Day recreation event will still happen, regardless of their schedule, as we will require them not to fly during the days of the event (if they are still in the area by then).

I know this will be extremely inconvenient as the trails will just be opening up at that time. But, I hope that you can understand the safety need to not allow people to be underneath flying logs and falling limbs. The helicopters will be all over the place when they start the logging. The Pioneer Trail, Hallelujah Trail and Omega trail east of the staging area (can access the Steephallow area north of Highway 20) will remain available and open. Sorry about this inconvenience. Joe"

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