Monday, March 03, 2008

Killer Trailwork on Round Mountain

Yesterday was a great day for BONC. On the Rock Creek Flume Trail, we built fantastic re-routes that will be hella fun to ride, restored a masticated section, built up some erosion control features and completed it all in one outing. All on a gorgeous 60+ degree sunny day.

The re-routes involved blazing through lots of manzanita with chainsaws and hand tools, cutting new trail and building Zachi's extremely cool bermed switchbacks. The singletrack restoration up above was about clearing debris and restoring the trail. I thank all of the 12 volunteers who showed up and you should too. I am as proud of this project as any trailwork I've done with this club. In fact, after the trailwork, I drove back out to Round Mountain again to show Shannon our work and take pictures.

The new sections will be a bit loose and duffy until we see some wet weather, so please ride gently.

Big thanks to:

The Salvation Army, who allowed this project to occur on their private property.
Hyland Fisher, who coordinated with the SA.
Bill Haire, who plotted the re-routes.

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