Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Try the Divide Ride

New to mountain biking? The Try the Divide Ride event is for you. From the FATRAC website:
Every third Saturday FATRAC will be doing a combination ride from the picnic table at the top of the Forest Hill Divide Loop Trail which will include food and drinks at the finish. Three rides will begin at the same location.

A beginner/novice ride will be an out-and-back ride along the most accessible part of the FDLT as far as the riders are comfortable (probably 5 miles total). An intermediate ride will do one loop around the entire FDLT (12 miles). The advanced option will include FDLT, the Connector, go to the Confluence and possibly Stagecoach/Manzanita/Flood, depending on rider preference (between 18 and 32 miles). You decide which ride you want to participate in.

Register here.

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