Friday, February 08, 2008

Coming Soon: 14 Miles of New Singletrack

This week, the Auburn Journal reported that dirt will soon be turned for the creation of the North Fork Trail in Auburn. This was confirmed to me by a source close to State Parks.

The article does not mention, however, threatened legal action by those opposed to the trail. A few malcontents have made noise that this non-motorized trail might spoil the splendor of the area. I wonder how these people know that this area is so splendid. Perhaps by hiking off trail illegally and trampling the unspoiled area?

In any case, the trail will be fantastic. It will provide a whole new riding option from the Confluence area. You can ride up Clementine until you reach the split off for this new trail, where you can ride out 14 miles to Ponderosa Bridge and back. I know there is one trail/fireroad that climbs up from the new trail that will get you near Fuel Break, but I cannot recall its name. Perhaps it is the Lake Clementine Access Trail (PDF)?

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Ryan said...

Im looking at heading up to Northstar when it opens. Just moved over from New Zealand to the bay area. Someone said there is decent riding in Auburn and I was wondering if I could get some pointers as to where the DH trails are? Cheers