Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rebel Ridge

Today, Shannon and I rode Bullard's Bar and had a chance to see first hand the work that Joe Chavez of the USFS did on the Rebel Ridge trail. Great stuff. The rolling climbs and re-routes he worked on are built very well and look like they will be very stable once they settle in.

Bullard's is a funny place. It offers great trails, but the trails inevitably are hammered each year by the winter. Trees fall, water crossings wash away culverts and erosion takes out entire portions of the trail. Part of the problem seem to involve the size and density of the trees there and the slope of the terrain. I wonder if the soil composition is to blame as well.

Having said that, Bullard's was great today. Very few trees (maybe 4?) were down and even after recent rain, it was rather dry. I suggest heading out there now before Mother Nature takes her annual toll on this system.

Of course BONC and SBTS will be out there on February 18th to do our part. Come out and join us.

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