Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Trail on the Flat Lake

On Sunday, October 15, BONC will hook up with the Nevada Onions mountain bike team to improve the trail that contours around the northwest corner of Scott's Flat Lake. This trail is part of a popular route from Nevada City and Highway 20.

This is an interesting project for a number of reasons. First, this trail is on NID property. For years, NID was not exactly the most trail friendly organization around. But this has all changed. After many years, NID staff and management have embraced community efforts to create and improve trails in Nevada County. The perfect symbol of this is that the Nevada County Land Trust holds its Trails Committee meeting at NID headquarters. This is big departure from years past. Yeah NID! I am hoping this project is the first of many with NID cooperation.

Secondly, this project involves the Nevada Onions high school team. It excites me to think of these kids learning how rewarding it can be to build and improve a trail and perhaps going off to become expert trail builders themselves. In the very least, these kids will learn to appreciate how trails come to be and thus respect them.

As for the trailwork itself, we will be trimming overgrowth that is kinda ruining this trail in spots, as well as repairing some sections that have become wet, muddy or badly eroded.

Hope you can join us. Bring long pants, gloves, water and loppers if you have them. Meet at 10AM on 10/15 at the first Scott's Flat Lake gate as you head down Scott's Flat Road.

By the way, is it necessary to call this lake "flat"? Is there such thing as a hilly lake?

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