Saturday, September 30, 2006

Other Norcal Trail Trails

My job brings me down to the Bay Area frequently. I like to bring one of my bikes with me and get in some quality rides while I am there. The picture here is of me riding Saratoga Gap near San Jose, CA.

Riding there is definitely different than Nevada County. The trails see a lot more traffic. Generally speaking, they are less technical and definitely less rocky. And there are less trails in the first place. But they do take you to some beautiful vistas and locations.

As I used to live in this area, I know these trails pretty well. I like to ride Skeggs (El Corte de Madera), Saratoga Gap, Soquel and UCSC/Henry Cowell. It is definitely hardtail friendly terrain. Soquel is really fun because it offers a lots of jumps and drops, which I am always fond of.

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