Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pioneer Rock Garden SAVED!

The USFS is planning a re-route of the lava rock garden on Pioneer near Washington Overlook. The original Forest Service plan was to close the rocky section, which the USFS suspected was eroding. The rocky section is also difficult to ride for equestrians.

THE GOOD NEWS: I met with the USFS in the field this week to discuss this, as I was concerned that we might lose one of the few fun technical sections of this trail. We walked the existing alignment and the new one. After lengthy discussion, I am happy to report that the USFS will likely keep the rocky section in tact!

The new plan is to only reroute the steep 100'-long section on the east end of the rock garden, as it presents an erosion problem, but leave the rest of the rocky section alone. Volunteers will build a new alternative trail route just uphill from the rock garden so that there will be a challenging alignment (the existing rock garden) and a new tamer section for equestrians and others. NOTE - All of this is tentative and pending USFS approval.

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