Monday, April 25, 2011

Kicking Butt and Building Singletrack

We had an especially fruitful day at Bullard on Saturday, building a new section of singletrack. BONC efforts continue to earn the admiration and gratitude of the Forest Service (see note below) as we open up great trails for everyone. More details about the event in our upcoming newsletter. Some pictures of our fantastic volunteers in action:


I just want to thank all involved in the setting up and implementing the 200' reroute on Bullards Trail on 4/23/2011. From the pictures, it looks great and turned out just as planned. It is one of the biggest pleasures in my job to be working with the great folks like those who were part of this making things happen for benefit of the users and the environment. John, Moss is a great addition to the BONC group and will be a asset to the Bullards Trail System. Great job! Joe

Joe Chavez
Public Service Officer
Yuba River Ranger District"

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