Monday, March 14, 2011

Bullards and Downed Trees

Joe Chavez of the USFS and others have put in many hours taking out down trees at the Bullards Bar trail system. Regardless, the place is a bit of a mess. Note that BONC will host a trailwork day on 4/23 to address these challenges. This update from Joe:

"I had a chance to personally see the damage from the last heavy low elevation snow storm on the Bullards trail system yesterday (March 13). Myself, plus three moto volunteers went out to do some clearing. Its bad! I have never seen so many downed trees (many stump pulls on or near the trails), it looked like bombs went off in the area. It is 5 times worse than November's low elevation snow storm. We could not go more than 50 yards without coming across another downed tree. The current status of the trails is as follows:


Rebel Ridge/Cleared (Be aware of a stump pull hole adjacent to the trail towards the top end)


Schoolhouse/Cleared (cleared by FS fire crews)

Bullards/Vista to Dark Day- cleared of logs, large washout near Dark Day (cleared by FS fire crews - FS has submitted for an internal grant to repair this - status on funding currently undetermined).

Dark Day to Camptonville- Many downed logs across the trail, several stump pulls near or on the trail (tread work will need to be done at the stump pulls and some minor reroutes will be needed to get around some damaged spots). Expert faller needed to clear area 1/3 mile west of Dark Day (I will be requesting continued help from the FS fire crews to assist with this). "

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