Monday, January 17, 2011

Bullards Conditions - 1/15

Is there a better place to ride than Bullards on a beautiful winter's day?

Yesterday, I hooked up with Mark Demartini and Matt Provencal for a loop at the lake. Trail conditions are good, though I counted about 10 downed trees, mostly on Bullards Bar Trail. The good news is that none of the trees are large (about 12" in diameter). There were about 4 washouts (3 on BBT and one on 7 Ball). We can tackle these on our 3/6 volunteer day.

However, the big news at Bullards is the massive canyon of erosion just west of Dark Day. It is ~40' deep and hundreds of feet long. Mark (a civil engineer by trade) tells me that this was likely caused by the parking lot recently constructed above it. Talking to the USFS, it seems likely they will plan a trail re-route at this section. Not sure how that solves the erosion problem though.

Please be careful around the slide. It is unstable and a fall into it could ruin your whole day.

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