Monday, September 13, 2010

RECAP: South Yuba Ridge Trailwork - 9/12

BONC has truly incredible volunteers.

Yesterday, nine of us made the trek to work on the South Yuba Ridge Trail. We finished clearing the bottom section of the existing trail, then went to re-establish the trail route that was obscured by years of growth. The terrain was challenging, the manzanita and deer brush was intensely think at times, but we persisted and prevailed.

This trail has the potential to be amazing. The ingredients are certainly there: gorgeous scenery, good terrain and connectivity. BONC will try to work with the USFS to emphasize desirable trail characteristics, such as wide radius bermed turns, grade changes and more.

Some pictures of our day in the field.

Success so far:
~2.5 miles of completely brushed trail, previously overgrown
~1+ miles of re-flagged trail, partially brushed
~1/4 mile of new trail flagging

What remains:
~3/4 mile of flagging and brushing
~2 miles of minimal brushing and surveying

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