Monday, November 30, 2009

New Trail Near Pioneer Planned

While picking up a Christmas tree from their farm, I spoke with Willie and Sue Bruisin about plans for a new 1/2 mile trail that will descend down to the Rock Creek Nature Study Area from Pioneer. Working with the USFS, the Gold Country Trails Council (GCTC) is spearheading this effort. The trail is flagged and once the EA docs are done, the GCTC will be looking for donations or grant funding to build this trail. The plan is to use California Conservation Corps for construction.

The new trail will replace the existing steep trail that descends from Pioneer from almost directly above the Rock Creek NSA. Though this existing trail is fun to ride and challenging, traffic down it has exposed a 4" cable that poses a serious hazard to trail users. Personally, I am OK with this change if it means that no one becomes injured. Plus, the new trail will be longer anyway.

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