Monday, October 12, 2009

Unified Trail Day and Round Mountain

BONC had a very successful Unified Trail Day, pairing up with the Nevada County Woods Riders, Sierra Express, Gold Country Trails Council, mtb race teams and others to make short work of big trail improvements at Burlington Ridge. Thanks to everyone who participated. Mountain bikers were able to make a significant showing of manpower on this day, which bodes well for our reputation. Events this large require careful planning and infrastructure. Special thanks to Fred Bergman who orchestrated BONC's involvement. It was a great day!

Yesterday, Rob Heller and I took a look at the rough trail cut in by the BLM above the Coyote Point overlook. Though the bench cut looks something like a fireroad now, given some solid trail work, a season's worth of rain and time to re-vegetate, this section will be solid singletrack. It will be key for us to put finishing work on it before the long winter, so please join us on November 7th as we work on this trail and ride Round Mountain.

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