Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Planning for New and Better Trails

On Saturday, trail enthusiasts convened to begin providing input on the Western Nevada Country Recreation Trails Master Plan. This county initiative seeks to identify existing and potential trail corridors so that the county can require new trails as development occurs and area non-profits can target grant funding for said projects . The plan should win approval this year, perhaps even by June, which is lightening fast by government standards.

It disappointed me to see so few mountain bikers at the crucial meeting, but I am grateful to those who did attend. We have an opportunity to advocate for multi-use trails and it is important we speak out in favor of bicycle access; there are those in Nevada County who would use plans like this to restrict such access. Sunday's participants were polled on such issues and other important questions about what kind of trails we want.

Please consider attending future sessions of this planning process if you care about what trails you can and can't ride in the future. This is important, thanks.

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