Monday, December 17, 2007

Images of Round Mountain No-Moto Signs

On our ride yesterday, I snapped a few pictures of the new no-moto signs on Round Mountain. They look great and are well placed at trailheads in the area.

For some reason, I find the creation and installation of these signs to be very gratifying. BONC is all about cooperation and promoting and saving trails. The sign project involved lots of cooperation with the Round Mountain community and the BLM to help stop trail damage from mindless motoheads.


ark said...

Boo to you for pasting moto riders with the same brushes lots of hikers and equestrians use on mountain bikers. in the same post you talk about excluding some trail users while still hyping up your cooperation!

John said...

So have you been to Round Mountain? Are you familiar with the trails there? I am.

I've seen berms and entire sections of trail there totally destroyed by motos. It is illegal to ride Round Mountain on a motorcycle. The Round Mountain planning group has expressed time and time again that they do not want motos on lands in this area.

I can only imagine what devastation motos would bring to popular mountain bike trails near Santa Cruz. Have you ever seen a sweet mountain bike jump after some moto heads hit it? GONE.